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Malaysia’s International Durian & Culture Fest 2022 (MIDCF)

Malaysia International Durian Cultural Fest 2022

YBrs. Puan Rosnah Mustafah, Senior Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia officiated the announcement of The Road to Malaysia’s International Durian & Culture Fest 2022 (MIDCF) – a buffet style festival with durians and tropical fruits to give the attendees a grasp of what our Malaysian culture is all about.

Organized with the Malaysian Inbound Chinese Association (MICA) and supported by Tourism Malaysia, the festival marks the efforts and contributions to uplift Malaysia’s culture and tourism locally and internationally by Dking -– one of the biggest names in the Durian industry.

Over the past decade, Malaysia has been ravished by the rise of durians in the market, and with the continued demand for durians rising, the festival will spread global awareness of the countless varieties of delectable durians that are attainable in Malaysia.

“Our food has always been among the top expenditure components for both domestic and international tourists in Malaysia. Over the years of our country offering its food diversity, Durians, has made its way to the top of the list of what Malaysia is known for; with over 200 varieties that our humble country has to offer. At Tourism Malaysia, it is in our best interest to do all we can to boost and proudly showcase our best to the world and Dking has been doing exceptionally well at ticking all the boxes.”

The festival is a stepping stone aligned with the ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ campaign that will capture and define the essence of the country’s unique diversity where it will make Malaysia an exceptional tourist destination.

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, Dking had to pause on their extravagant events due to increasing cases of COVID-19 and border restrictions.

Hence, now that the borders have been reopened in most countries, Dking is back to represent one of Malaysia’s most popular items that have contributed to Malaysia’s food, one of the top expenditure components for both domestic and international tourists in Malaysia.

“Through the selections of durians and cultural food that we have available at the festival, it will allow for people to experience the diversity and culture that Malaysia has and we hope to play a vital part in promoting Malaysia as an ideal destination to experience unique food, culture, and tourist attractions.” – Leron Yee, Founder of Dking.

Dking and Tourism Malaysia are delighted to share Malaysia’s best offerings to the world and Malaysia can expect visitors from all walks of life to experience Malaysian culture through food.

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