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Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day Every 1st August

Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day

In celebration of the nation’s gastronomy pride (and also a source of encouragement to all post-Covid 19), Marrybrown Malaysia will be declaring every 1 st August as Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day nationwide, with this inaugural day devoted to Nasi Lemak MB kickstarted with the distribution of more than 10,000 boxes of Nasi Lemak MB to those who gathered eagerly to receive this delightful goodness.

In choosing the date of celebration, the ‘first’ was thoughtfully selected to mark Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day as Nasi Lemak is often the FIRST dish which comes to mind when one thinks of Malaysia, and the FIRST dish most Malaysians crave after being far away from home for a period of time.

MB Nasi Lemak FREE
Dato’ Joshua Liew (right), Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown giving away the first box of Nasi Lemak MB to an excited customer

To commemorate this special day as the start of something to look forward to the following years, Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day received the title of “MOST NUMBER OF NASI LEMAK PACKS DISTRIBUTED IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS” by Malaysia Book of Records, symbolising Marrybrown’s commitment to give Malaysians the food that they love and the celebration of good things must be shared with all.

“Personally, Nasi Lemak portrays the unity and harmony of Malaysia as each ingredient on a plate of nasi lemak is equally important, much like us Malaysians who thrives better in unity and harmony. In bringing this sentiment to reality, we are proud to pay homage to Hidangan Kebanggaan Kita by declaring 1 st August as Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day, starting with this year,” – Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.

Giving Away 10,000 Nasi Lemak MB for Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day

For Marrybrown, the ‘first’ also represents the many firsts achieved in their journey over the past 39 years of bringing ‘something different’ to their fans. One of the many ‘firsts’ includes Marrybrown being the world’s first fast-food chain to serve Nasi Lemak, the first Malaysian-born QSR franchise company and the first local halal QSR brand to break through international market.

“Marrybrown is capable to come this far with all our ‘firsts’ due to the encouragement and support of our customers. As such, giving away 10,000 boxes of our signature Nasi Lemak MB is a very meaningful thing for us – not only as our ‘first’ 10,000 Nasi Lemak giveaway, but as our way to say thank you and recognising these achievements that we can have because of them.”

Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day
Dato’ Joshua Liew (fourth from right), Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown along with Mr Michael Liew, Business Director of Marrybrown (left), Datin Nancy Liew (third from right), Managing Director of Marrybrown and Marrybrown team members receiving the certificate for the record title of “MOST NUMBER OF NASI LEMAK PACKS DISTRIBUTED IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS” from Malaysia Book of Records officials at Marrybrown, Toppen Shopping Centre, Johor.

Marrybrown will also be having exciting promotions in lieu with ‘Marrybrown Nasi Lemak Day’ for the following months, in addition to more exciting surprises that MB fans can look out for in many other ‘firsts’ to come.

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