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Medi Lifestyle Paves the Way for Next-Generation Preventive Healthcare

Medi Lifestyle Next-Generation Preventive Healthcare

Medi Lifestyle Limited, a renowned Singapore-listed frontrunner in healthcare innovation, unveiled a momentous collaboration between its indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries, HealthPro Pharma Pte Ltd (“HPP”) and Healthpro Marketing Sdn. Bhd (“HPM”), with FIOR Bioscience, LLC (“FIOR Bioscience”) and Shine Bioscience, LLC (“SBS”).

This groundbreaking partnership promises to not only accelerate access to cutting-edge stem cell therapy products but to catalyse a revolution in healthcare, positioning regenerative medicine at the forefront of modern treatment across Asia.

The collaboration will meld the unique and complementary strengths of HPP, HPM, SBS, and Fior Bioscience, united by a shared vision of enhancing patient outcomes and breaking new ground in medical innovation.

Fior Bioscience, with over a decade and a half of dedicated experience, stands as a perfect alignment to Medi Lifestyle’s steadfast commitment to elevating healthcare standards through quality, innovation, and ethical practices.

Shine Bioscience, as the handpicked exclusive distributor for this collaboration’s revolutionary stem cell therapy products, will capitalise on its far-reaching connections to Asia’s elite laboratories, fuelling both research and development and streamlining distribution across the vibrant region.

Medi Lifestyle’s strategic move solidifies its stance as a leader in preventive healthcare. The partnership encapsulates an ethos of pioneering technology, uncompromising safety measures, and world-class expertise that converge to set new benchmarks in stem cell treatment options.

With registered offices and clinics extending their reach to Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Medi Lifestyle continues to break barriers and redefine healthcare for the future.

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