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An All New Im-Peck-Able Menu By Jackson’s Fried Chicken

Jackson’s Fried Chicken

Although Jackson’s Fried Chicken may no longer be the newest chick in town, it certainly is still the finest.

Satisfying cravings since 2020, Jackson's have now moved into bringing a more localised flavour into the fast food dimension. The new and improved menu incorporates much-loved local delights such as the Nasi Lemak and other sweet tooth options that is sure to leave you wanting more.

“The concept of combining local cuisine with international flavours is the new creative fusion that is gaining popularity today. We are excited to partner with Jackson’s to deliver honestly good fried chicken and more to hungry Malaysians.” – Sayantan Das, Managing Director of foodpanda Malaysia.

That’s right! Your eyes do not deceive you. With the intention of taking the fried chicken game to a whole new level, Jackson's is combining their juicy fried chicken with the pride of Malaysia, the ever fragrant Nasi Lemak!

Customers are now able to enjoy Nasi Lemak with Jackson’s Popcorn Chicken, may it be the scrumptious original flavour or the fiery spicy flavour. Honestly, sumpah sedap!

kentang wedges jackson's

While not necessarily a local flavour but most certainly a local favourite, crispy cheesy wedges are amongst the new additions to the Jackson's menu. Topped with a generous amount of cheesy sauce, the eating experience is comparable to hosting a party in your mouth.

But that’s not all! The Chicken Porridge is another local staple which makes its entry into the Jackson Fried Chicken armoury.

This hearty dish, paired with crispy chicken chunks is a wholesome meal that is comfort food for your soul. The smooth and silky delicacy too can be enjoyed with crispy chicken chunks in original or spicy flavour.

Savoury options not cutting it for you? Guilty of having a sweet tooth? Not to worry as Jackson's has got you covered! Introducing the lusciously sinful dessert menu crafted to hit all your sweet spots!

Devour the Double Chocolate Muffin that is guaranteed to melt in your mouth. This showpiece muffin is stuffed with chocolate chips in every bite and does not get any more delicious than this.

Besides that, there’s also the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin, a classic combination that strikes the perfect balance of banana and chocolate.

Biscoff Baked Cheesecake

We have more!

The Biscoff Baked Cheesecake is a dreamy newcomer that will rock your world. It’s a biscoff lover’s dream in every sense.

Finally, enjoy the delightfully light Burnt Cheesecake that is sure to leave you feeling a little bit guilty (the good kind).

What are you waiting for? Orders can be made through foodpanda so don’t forget to chick-it- out ! To find out more on Jackson’s and their latest offerings, check them out on Instagram @jacksons_my too!

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