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Nutrigene Launches Personalised Development Program

Nutrigene Launches Personalised Development Program

Nutrigene Modern Sciences Sdn. Bhd., a pioneer in the field of science-driven approach for child development, proudly announces the nationwide launch of Personalised Development Program (PDP).

Representing a paradigm shift in parenting and education, this initiative harnesses the power of DNA to harmonize nature and nurture, fostering the holistic development of children.

Dr. Choo Wenxi, Founder & CEO of Nutrigene, emphasises the transformative nature of the program,

“We’re committed to transforming the concept of parenting through the power of DNA. PDP is more than an educational program, it’s a comprehensive approach to nurturing children’s psychological well-being alongside their academic growth. Our goal is to assist families in understanding and supporting their child’s unique needs holistically, thereby shaping their futures.”

Nutrigene Founder CEO Dr Choo Wenxi
Dr. Choo Wenxi, Founder & CEO of Nutrigene

PDP is designed to catalyse a shift in educational paradigms, focusing on the psychological as well as the academic development of children. The program is designed to nurture diverse developmental domains, encompassing language, numeracy, world discovery, motor skills, arts and music.

Aligned with forward-thinking families, educators, and childcare professionals, Nutrigene envisions a more informed and comprehensive approach to child development, fostering collaborative ventures to empower educators and parenting coaches to excel in their fields.

“Our hallmark RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising And Conventional) Career Talent DNA Test has been innovatively applied to early childhood development. This framework enables parents to comprehend their child’s inherent strengths and inclinations from a young age, facilitating more informed and supportive parenting.

Nutrigene is proud to offer both RIASEC Career Talent DNA Test and PDP as a holistic solution for parents. We aspire to assist 10,000 families to recognize that every child deserves to develop physically, mentally and academically in their unique way by 2025. We are open to collaborations with individuals and organisations who share our vision of unlocking the full potential of every child through innovative and personalised education.”

In tandem with the launch of the PDP, Nutrigene announces the inauguration of its maiden branch in Kuching, Sarawak. Beyond business expansion, this move underscores Nutrigene’s commitment to democratizing their innovative educational approach, ensuring every child receives an education tailored to their unique needs, shaping a brighter and fulfilling future.

With the introduction of the PDP and the opening of a new branch in Sarawak, Nutrigene is poised to redefine the standards of personalized education, showcasing unwavering dedication to nurturing and empowering the next generation to thrive in an ever-changing world.

About Nutrigene Modern Sciences Sdn. Bhd.

Established in 2021, Nutrigene Modern Sciences Sdn Bhd is a pioneering force in the realm of child development and education in Malaysia. Initially providing laboratory services to top medical facilities, Nutrigene has evolved to leverage scientific expertise and genetic insights for enhancing child development.

At its heart, Nutrigene is committed to understanding and nurturing the unique potential of each child, shaping their growth through an innovative, science-driven approach. With its focus on integrating cutting-edge research and practical applications, Nutrigene stands as a leader in transforming child education and development across Asia.

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