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OPPO Announces Dilireba as OPPO F5 New Ambassador

OPPO Announces Dilireba as OPPO F5 New Ambassador

OPPO Announces Dilireba as OPPO F5 New Ambassador
It is confirmed that China’s popular actress, Dilireba (Dilreba Dilmurat, 迪丽热巴) is invited to be the new ambassador of OPPO F5.

Needless to mention, her appealing acting and her looks are much loved by her fans all around the world, which explains why she is becoming popular day by day!

Many are impressed by her versatile and positive personality that can adapt perfectly well to any type of character. As it can be seen, Dilireba is absolutely a perfect match with the all-new OPPO F5.

OPPO camera phone is all about being young at heart and pursuing perfection which is totally reflected in Dilireba’s personality and attitude.

Prior to this, OPPO has never failed to surprise the O-fans in many ways. Surprises don’t just stop there. Wonder what’s more powerful than one celebrity?

A whole group of celebrities! OPPO Malaysia has recruited new selfie icons to the OPPO F5, Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) and Eric Chou (周興哲), the talented Taiwanese singers to the OPPO F5 powerful celebrity squads, which include Fattah Amin, Neelofa, Ayda Jebat and Min Chen.

Are you excited for the fresh, fun and cheerful of new collaboration between OPPO F5 and the celebrities yet? Well, if you’re not, then you should be! They are definitely ready to rock and roll with the all new OPPO F5.

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