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Samsung Pay Offers More Rewarding Digital Wallet Experience

Samsung Pay Offers Digital Wallet Experience

Samsung Pay Offers Digital Wallet Experience
Since its official February 2017 introduction in Malaysia, Samsung Pay is fast becoming the preferred payment method among tech enthusiasts and avid shoppers.

As part of the brand’s continued effort to refresh its service and reward consumers for their support and keen interest, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is pleased to introduce Samsung Rewards, a first of a kind rewards programme for its mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay.

Samsung Rewards works just like a points-based credit card rewards programme. Every time the user makes a purchase with Samsung Pay, he/she earns reward points.

Samsung Rewards also allows users to “double dip” on rewards points – that is, with every credit card purchase made via Samsung Pay, users may be able to earn points, miles or cash back from their card’s issuer, as well as points toward Samsung Rewards.

Samsung Rewards has loyalty tiers (Gold, Silver and Bronze) with point multipliers enabling users to earn double or quadruple points, depending on how often a user use the service each month. Users can level up across the tiers after meeting a target number of transactions; and with each level up achieved in Samsung Rewards, users get to earn more points per transaction, reaping additional rewards in return.

Additionally, users can collect more points through limited-time bonus offers. Samsung Rewards will partner with retailers and small businesses to give users seasonal opportunities to earn additional points.

However, to start earning these points, all the user has to do is activate and update Samsung Pay to the latest version on his/her device, upon which 450 welcome points will be automatically credited into the user’s account. This applies for a limited time only.

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