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Not So Ordinary Pop-Rock Band Painting Blanks Debut Single – Hurt

Painting Blanks

Painting Blanks
Local band Painting Blanks is set to make waves with their debut single, Hurt.

With its catchy, addictive chorus and dreamy fusion of pop-alt- rock-prog rock sounds, this invigorating chimera of a song is musically and lyrically familiar yet different.

Suffused with sadness that somehow doesn’t sound that way, vocalist Jessica says,

It’s almost like you didn’t know it was sad, because it doesn’t sound weak. There’s really a lot of frustration and heartbreak going on but there’s this strength underneath. That’s what I love about the song”.

Painting Blanks – Kumpulan Pop-Rock Lain Daripada Yang Lain Dari Kuala LumpurThe seven piece “not so ordinary pop-rock band from Kuala Lumpur” features Jess and Bryan on vocals, Wan on drums, Raswan on bass, Aniq and Aimeil on rhythm guitars and Anwar on lead guitar.

Formed in 2015 by Aimeil and a few of friends Painting Blanks started off as a bunch of guys who loved to play music having fun.

After a couple of changes and band mates leaving due to other commitments, Aimeil eventually found members that he knew was right for the band.

With different music backgrounds, ideas for new music started kicking in and hey presto – the debut single was basically written in about 2 hours!

Please get in touch with Aimeil at 010-773 3649 or for info, interviews and promotional copies of Hurt.

You can listen to Hurt on YouTube, Spotify and soon, other major streaming partners.

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