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Exclusive Pre-Release for ‘Salawat 1442’ via TikTok LIVE this Maulidur Rasul

SALAWAT 1442 TikTok LIVE Banner

Salawat 1442
Maulidur Rasul is the Islamic celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday alongside major philosophies in Islam including the embodiment of positive moral values, empathy to neighbors around, and especially the duty of passing knowledge.

Embodying this, Imaan Music (a subsidiary of KRU Music) will be sharing an exclusive pre-release of their latest single, ‘Salawat 1442’ by DUKU & Tuju (Feat. Tyco) via TikTok LIVE on 27th October 8 p.m. on the @KRU.Music account, in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul this year.

This creative collaboration aims to better cultivate the youth’s appreciation for special days like Maulidur Rasul through adapting traditional dakwah and marks the first time these artists of differing genres have come together for such a track.

SALAWAT 1442 TikTok LIVE Banner

As a result, they remixed a traditional dakwah and laced it with hip-hop elements, in strive to disrupt traditional learning by introducing new methods while retaining the core messages found in said dakwah.

To discover the origins of this collaboration, the events that inspired their direction, and more on the subject, tune in to TikTok LIVE on 27th October at 8p.m. @KRU.Music on TikTok!

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