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Taste the Change with McDonald’s Iconic Burgers

Taste the Change with McDonald’s Iconic Burgers

McDonald’s Malaysia is inviting Malaysians to taste the change in its line-up of classic beef burgers after making small changes that pack a big difference in every bite!

With changes to preparation and cooking methods, McDonald’s is excited to introduce an elevated beef perfection experience that is guaranteed to be hotter, juicier and tastier!

The pursuit to provide customers with the best tasting beef burger goes beyond just the meal. In fact, McDonald’s has spared no expense in ensuring that every facet involved in the preparation and cooking of the beef patties meet the highest standards.

This includes updating the kitchen equipment in more than 300 McDonald’s restaurants across Malaysia.

Additionally, extensive trainings have been delivered to every McDonald’s crew member so that they familiarise themselves with the new cooking and preparation process for the beef burgers, to ensure they are gold standard, every time.

Burger McD Spicy Double Beef with Cheese
Members of the media and influencers participated in a Tasting is Believing Session, where they had the opportunity to witness the changes and taste the differences that McDonald’s made to its classic beef burgers.

Among the small yet significant changes McDonald’s has made to its classic beef burgers include:

  • Softer, glazed buns that are toasted to a golden brown and for heat retention
  • Beef patties that are seasoned, grilled, and seared to perfection in smaller batches for mouth-watering juiciness
  • Adding onions directly to the patties on the grill to intensify flavour
  • New Zealand imported cheese slices softened to perfection at an average of 17.5°C for a meltier sensation
  • Using smaller containers to keep vegetables fresher and crispier, and
  • Adding more legendary Big Mac sauce to Big Mac to boost flavour from the first bite to last

What’s more, McDonald’s iconic beef burgers are brimming with flavour because the patties are made from 100 percent pure halal beef imported from Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

“We’re always listening to our customers, and the changes we made to our classic beef burgers are intended to deliver on customer cravings for making their favourite burgers that much hotter, juicer and tastier. The small changes in the way we cook and prepare our classic burgers does really add up to a big difference that our customers can truly taste,” – Melati Abdul Hai, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s Malaysia.

As a thank you to Malaysians for their support, McDonald’s will be introducing a special one-day promotion on 15 October where beef burger fans can purchase a Double Cheeseburger Medium McValue Meal for only RM10.95.

During which McDonald’s will also attempt to set a record for ‘The Most Beef Burgers Sold in 24 Hours’ in Malaysia Book of Records. This promotional offer is available at all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide through all channels – Dine-in, Drive-thru, and Delivery.

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