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The Premiere of Popek Popek, Malaysia’s First Sex Education Show

The Premiere of Popek Popek Apa Itu Dara
Got a question about sex but don’t know who to ask?

Web TV network PopTeeVee announced today the premiere of Popek Popek, Malaysia’s first sex education show that aims to enlighten and entertain. The Bahasa Malaysia-language series will premiere at and at 11:00 am and will air every 2 weeks for 12 episodes.

Popek Popek – Apa Itu Dara?

Sexual health educator June Low and performance artiste Sudarshan star as the show’s hosts, “the Big & Small” as they tackle a broad range of questions on sex from the audience in their signature frank and funny style.

In a country where sex is largely considered a taboo subject, no question is too trivial for the duo in a quest to provide good sex education to the nation.

Low, who also writes for the show, says the idea for the series came about in response to the lack of quality sexual health education for Malaysian teens.

What little sex education is largely aimed at promoting abstinence before marriage amongst teens, even though plenty of research suggests this is ineffective in delaying the onset of intercourse or the prevention of sexual abuse and the spread of STDs.

The Premiere of Popek Popek

PopTeeVee is a web TV network that is part of the Popfolio Network, a PopDigital Company.

PopTeeVee is the network carrying individual channels That Effing Show, Giler Selamba Jane, Englishjer, #TanyaYBeee as well as our archived program The Fairly Current Show.

In addition, PopTeeVee also hosts original content developed by digital media agency The Greatest Hits.

Click HERE for Malay version.

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