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Zizi Kirana unleashes “Tentu” exclusively under JOOX ORIGINALS Super Producer Project

zizi kirana JOOX
JOOX, Asia’s most dedicated music streaming platform, proudly presents “Tentu”, the new single by Malaysian pop sensation Zizi Kirana, released under JOOX ORIGINALS’ Super Producer project series.

Ranked number 13 among all Bahasa Malaysia tracks within just two days of its release, the new song debuted exclusively on JOOX Malaysia, and treated fans with its catchy, infectious hooks that reflect Zizi Kirana’s observations and commentary on current happenings all over the world.

According to Zizi, who is also one of the composers of “Tentu”, 2020 has been a challenging year not only because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because of the passing of her close friend, Sandra Dianne. The Malaysian singer said she channeled the sadness and struggles into her creativity, leading up to the release of her emotional JOOX ORIGINALS single.

“Tentu” effectively rounds up JOOX ORIGINALS’ Super Producer series, which gave Malaysian music fans a string of hits throughout 2020, from artists such as Dayang Nurfaizah, Khai Bahar, Sophia Liana, and Aziz Harun, produced by renowned singer-songwriter and music producer Faizal Tahir.

“Tentu” is now being enjoyed by supporters and followers of Malaysian pop music, entering the Era Lagu Baru Nak Up hit list, as well as ranking number 13 among all Bahasa Malaysia tracks within two days of its release.

zizi kirana tentu

“JOOX is proud to exclusively release Zizi Kirana’s new single ‘Tentu’ as a strong finish to our highly successful Super Producer project in Malaysia this year.

JOOX will continue giving Malaysian music fans only the freshest and most innovative content, as well as fun, interactive features like the well-received karaoke function, which not only shows fellow JOOX users their musical talents but also allows them to duet with their beloved local music stars such as Zizi Kirana.

Most importantly, we are committed to further contributing to the great development of Malaysia’s dynamic music scene,” – Angie Tan, Head of JOOX Malaysia

JOOX has also offered a platform for fans who dream of sharing the stage with Zizi Kirana! Musically talented JOOX users can sing “Tentu” anytime, anywhere through JOOX’s karaoke function, and join the likes of singer-songwriter Sissy Imman in busting out a duet with Zizi for all the world to see!

Mark the date for more of Zizi Kirana in the JOOX Originals Karaoke Campaign from November 20 to 26, and stay tuned for an upcoming JOOX Live Chat!

Immerse yourself in the best and the brightest artists and tracks from Malaysia and all over the globe. JOOX currently has an extensive library of over 30 million songs in its music library, allowing users to enjoy music anytime, anywhere via the JOOX mobile or desktop app – downloadable on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or its website.

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