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4 Lucky Winner for Revive Isotonic Rev-Kan Bola

4 Lucky Winner for Revive Isotonic Rev-Kan Bola
It may have been based on football, but the Rev-kan Bola contest organised by Revive Isotonic also rewarded consumers like Teo Shern Yong, who prefers badminton to kicking a ball about.

The 32-year-old, who was among four Grand prize winners of a Chevrolet Sonic 1.4L Hatchback Auto each, says he was attracted to the contest because it seemed easy enough to take part in and the prizes on offer, and not because he’s keen on football.

“I did not really follow the recent World Cup and almost never watch the game,” said the IT programmer from Johor Baru at a prize-presentation ceremony here today.

“So I was very surprised to win, but extremely delighted because I’m a big fan of Revive Isotonic’s re-hydrating properties after my game of badminton.”

‘Part-time’ football fan Shashalaily Mohd Noordin of Petaling Jaya says she participated in Rev-kan Bola as she likes the fact that she could receive something in return for supporting certain brands.

“Most times you just buy a product but don’t have the chance to get anything in return,” said the 35-year-old executive, who only follows football during the World Cup. “Revive Isotonic is among those brands that allows me to win something in return for my purchases.”

Other Grand prize winners were Muhammad Aliff Zainol and Shhari Mat Razali. The contest also rewarded two first prize winners with a Sony PS3 each and five second prize winners a Nintendo Wii each. Other prizes included four iPod Shuffle, Beyoncé CDs and limited edition t-shirts.

Rev-kan Bola, which ran from April 15 to July 15, required participants to merely purchase either a 1.5L or two 500ml bottles of any Revive Isotonic or Pepsi variant. They were then required to fill in the provided entry forms and mail them together with their beverage labels as proof of purchase.

The contest also made use of social media to offer a Bonus Round and tokens, which increased participants’ chances of winning based on the number of entry forms submitted.

“Rev-kan Bola was part of our nationwide initiatives to fan football fever during the 2014 World Cup,” said Permanis Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development Hemalatha Ragavan. “But judging from the enthusiastic response we received from participants such as Teo, the contest’s popularity went far beyond just football to encompass all sports enthusiasts.”

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