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11Street New Year Personality Test
Who doesn’t love personality tests? After all, it’s one of the most common ways to get to know yourself better, and admit it, personality tests are fun to do!

In a way, personality tests are a revelation of who you are – from the passion you have for your career, to understanding your strengths and weaknesses, temperaments, leadership style, as well as what works best for you when it comes to social interactions.

Some of the more popular personality tests are the ‘Myers-Briggs Type Indicator’, ‘Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory’ and ‘Big Five Personality Test’, and often applied by individuals, colleges as well as corporations to help determine one’s characteristic.

These characteristics don’t only extend to work and future-planning, but also closer to one’s heart and the hype of today’s society – online shopping. Here is a list of online shopper personalities, and some tips to bring out the best traits and qualities.

The Beauty Queen

You are beautiful and glamorous, with flawless skin and impeccable grooming. You are on the leading edge in the world of skincare, and nothing slips your skincare radar.

From the latest news, technology and launch of skincare products and tools to make-up, you have got it all on your fingertips.

Online shopping tips

When it comes to online shopping for skincare or make-up items, expand your search. Online marketplaces are a good place to start, for you to find everything that you love under one roof.

Be sure to do your research, and diligently read all reviews to give you a good indication of price range and reliability of the seller.

The Fashion Diva

You live and breathe fashion. Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar (just to name a few) are your must-reads. You are also an avid follower of global fashion style icons, such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen, and follow their social pages religiously.

You are not afraid to wear bold colours, and always let these colours describe your mood-of-the-day.

Online shopping tips

Before buying a clothing item, remember to always measure, measure, measure! Different countries have different sizing charts, so be sure to pay attention to what chart they are using.

Next up is the material. Make sure you know the material type (if not, Google it!) so that you know if the clothing item is stretchable or not, and if it is, whether you should buy a size smaller.

All these are important things to consider to ensure that every piece of clothes you buy online flatter the Fashion Diva in you. Last but not least, check if the seller offers free shipping for it makes a whole lot of difference to your budget, as well as their return policy.

You don’t want to be stuck with a piece of clothing that you can’t fit, do you?

The Fitness Freak

You speak dumbbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells, protein supplements in your day-to- day lingo. Working out is your me-time and your social media feeds have more six-packs than other postings.

You are inspired by fitness trainers such as Steve Cook, Christian Guzman and Jeff Seid.

Online shopping tips

Before you begin your exercise and diet regime, research and read reviews on what other fitness enthusiasts are using and what’s working for them.

Do shop around for the right fitness product/equipment for you, and make sure you find the right price too! Make sure the equipment comes with good warranty and provides you with the option to extend the warranty – after all it’s something that you will be using heavily!

The Food Hunter

Mexican, Chinese, Korean and a myriad of bizarre foods – you’ve had it all. #foodporn is your permanent social media tag.

You basically live to eat. A good meal makes you smile; a bad meal infuriates you. Good service wins you two thumbs up while bad service leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Nothing gets between you and the food right in front of you.

Online shopping tips

Do not – we repeat, do not shop when you are hungry! ‘Hungry-shopping’ increases the tendency of impulse buying, as you would want to buy everything your eyes can see! When buying fresh produce or food online, always have a shopping list or a specific recipe in mind, so that you lessen the chances of picking up an ingredient that you might not use.

Try to split your online grocery shopping to a weekly affair, unless you have a party and are cooking for 10 people!

Oh, did we mention that frozen goods are a good stock-up investment too? Perfect for when it’s raining outside and all you want is a bowl of hot corn soup.

The Home Guru

Your home is your haven. When it comes to picking up a piece of furniture or redecorating your house, you have the touch and the eye for it.

Often, friends and guests go “Oooo” and “Ahhhhh” at their first visit to your home, and you secretly relish with a smile.

Online shopping tips

We can’t stress enough on making sure you only shop for items that come with a return policy. Also, do check that shipping costs are at a minimal (or even better, waived!) when it comes to purchasing furniture online.

After all, you’re making a bulky purchase and shipping will surely cost. If you’re buying fabric, do check with the seller if they’re able to send you a picture of the sample – you don’t want to be stuck with curtains that don’t match your walls!

The Tech Geek

The world may stereotype you, but you are actually fun in person and forever young at heart. You love all things tech – from the latest phone and tablet, to headphones, keyboard and mouse.

In fact, your home probably houses the inventory for the latest tech products in town!

Online shopping tips

Tech products are available in abundance online, so do your homework and price comparisons. More often than not, e- marketplaces usually throw in a good bundle deal for most of the hot-selling gadgets.

Keep an eye open for special deals, such as ‘Cyber Sale’, for you might just land yourself the coveted gadget you’ve been waiting for. We’re sure you’re on point when it comes to reading reviews, so just make sure it’s a reputable site that you are shopping on.

To find out your online shopping personality, head on to 11street –

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